List of INGOS working in Nepal and employment opportunities.

Nepal, with its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, is a nation that has faced its share of challenges over the years. As the country strives for development and progress, the role of International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) has become increasingly vital. These organizations bring with them expertise, resources, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of Nepalese people. In this blog post, we will explore the significant contributions and efforts of working INGOs in Nepal.

What are INGOs? INGOs, or International Non-Governmental Organizations, are independent, private organizations that operate across national borders to address various social, economic, and humanitarian issues. These organizations are not affiliated with any government and often work in partnership with local communities and governments to implement their projects and initiatives.

The following is a list of INGOS (International non-governmental organization) working in various sectors in Nepal. As a developing country, there are several INGOS working different sectors. Every month there are several employment opportunities in various INGOs and NGOs in Nepal.


Name of INGOCountryAddressSector
Action Aid International Nepal, (AAIN)UKApsara Marga, Lazimpat-2, Kathmandu P.O.Box: 6257Community Development
Adara Development (Old Name: The ISIS Foundation)AustraliaG.P.O: 4403 KathmanduChild
Acted for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)FranceSallaghari Marga, Basbari, KtmEmergency Relief, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
Aids Health Care Foundation(AHF)USANayabazar-16, Nirmal Lama Marg, P.O.Box: 10377,
Action For Childrights International,BelgiumChildren
Action Contre La Faim,FranceP.O.Box: 203, Sanepa, Jhmsikhel-2 , LalitpurHealth/Communit y
Aid et Action International, Nepal,SwitzerlandP.O.Box: 13835, Pulchowk-3, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur,Education
Aids Info Docu,SwitzerlandG.P.O.Box: 20345 Koteshowor, KathmanduHealth
Aim Asia Charatable Trust,IndiaSanepa, LalitpurChild/Health/ Education
Ama Foundation,USAG.P.O.Box: 8975 EPC: 2089,
Ktm Godawari,
AMDA MINDS,JapanP.O.Box: 12014, Maharajgunj,
Ktm, Ph: 4412045
Medical Health and Community Dev
American Bar Association, Rule of Law Initative,USAP.O.Box: 8975, EPC: 1321
Sanepa Chowk, Lalitpur
Rule of Law
Americares Foundation Inc.USADhumbarahi Marga, Ktm, House No: 462Health
Amici Dei Bambini,ItalyP.O.Box: 522 Shanta Marga Kamaladi, Kam.Children and Family
APEIRON on lus (International) (Italian Voluntary Association),ItalyG.P.O.Box 9874 EPC535Uccha
Marg 18 Tundaldevi Temple Baluwatar KTM. Nepal
Women & Child
Arbeiter – Samariter – Buns Deutschland e.v (ASB) Germany.Lazimpat, Ktm. (TCH Tower II)Rehabilitation and disaster risk reduction
Arche nova e.v. GermanyGermanyLazimpath, House No: TCH Tower II apartment 402WASH and livelihood
Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation foundation (APECF) NepalChinaCultu. Monument
Association for International Solidarity in Asia (ASIA Onlus)ItalyP.O.Box: 4045 Lazimpat House number 85/62, KathmanduCommunity Development
Association for Ophthalmic Cooperation in Asia,JapanP.O.Box. 77, P.O.Box. 8975,
Tripureshwor Ktm. and Narayani Eye Care Project, Birgung
Association for the Children of Kathmandu Old   Name: Association Poorless Enfants De, KathmanduFranceP.O.Box: 19734 Gorkha VDC-3Child
Association Pomme CannelleFranceBasantapur, Kathmandu,Street Children
Association Voluntari Senza FrontiereItalyKathmanduChildren
Associazione Italiana Donne per Lo Sviluppo (AIDOS)ItalyBuddhanagar 10, house no. 77 BhrigumargWom, Health & Co. Dev.
Avocats Sans Frontieres,BelgiumP.O.Box: 2053Justice
AWO International e.VGermanyP.O.Box: 7364, Sanepa-2, LalitpurYouth Development
Back to Life e.V, GermanyGermanyBaudha 6, Kathmandu
P.O.Box: 8975 EPC 2752
Education, Health, Agriculture and Com. Dev
Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International (BMDM) Mississippi, USAUSAHealth and Education
Blink Now FoundationUSABhairabsthan-4, SurkhetEducation, Health and Women
Britain Nepal Medical Trust(BNMT) UKUKP.O.Box: 20564, Lazimpath, KTM. NepalChildren
Build ChangeUSASanepa, LalitpurTechnical assistance capacity building, training awarness, Reconstruction and retrofiting of disaster resistant house and
CARE International, USAUSADhobighat, Lalitpur
Health / Economic Empowerment food security and chimate change
Caritas,SwitzerlandSanepa, Didi-Bahani Marga, Lalitpur G.P.O. 20435Humanitarian Aid
Catholic Relief Services (CRS), USAUSADhobighat, Lalitpur .Emergency preparedness and recovery and Agriculture livelihood
Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI), CanadaCanada135 Naya basti Marga Baluwatar P.O.Box 2959KtmEconomic and Social Development
Center for Reproductive Right (CRR)USABaluwatar-4, KathmanduReproductive Right
Centro Cooperazione Sviluppo (CCS Italy) New Name: (ACRA-CCS
Foundation, Italy)
ItalyMokchhya Marga, Dhumbarahi, KathmdnduEducation
CESVI Fongazione Onlus,ItalyArun Thapa Chowk, Jhamsikhel, LalitpurShelter rebuilding livelihood support, rehabilitation, wash and psychosocial support
Cesvi ItalyItalyP.O.Box: 3923, Kupondole, LalitpurEnvironment and Tourism
Chance for Change, ScothlandUKHouse No.7, Lane-2, Juagal, Lalitpur P.O.Box: 4892Youth, Women
Child Fund Japan, BeoakJapanP.O.Box 19659, EPC815 KTM.
Kumaripati, Lalitpur
Child Haven International CanadaCanadaP.O.Box: 9676, KathmanduChild
Child Protection Centres and Services International (CPCS-INT) BelgiumBelgiumP.O.Box 8975 EPC 5173,
Suvarna Samser Marg, Street- 232, War No.2, Chabahil, Ktm
Childreach International UKUKBakhundol, Laltipur, P.O.Box376 KTMChild Right’s
China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA),ChinaSanepa, LalitpurHealth, Education disaster relief, Earthquake reconstruction and Com.Dev
Christain Aid, UK.Annapurna Marga, Chappal Karkhana, Maharajgung-4 House No. 190Disaster Resilience and climate change, Health Edu, Social inclusion and vulnerable livelihood
Christoffel Blinden Mission
e.v (CBM / NNJS) Germany
GermanyP.O.Box: 355, Shree Marga,Lazimpath-2, KathmanduHealth
Community Action Nepal UKUKP.O.Box: 19623, Jyatha , ThamelCommunity Development
Concern WorldwideIrelandP.O.Box: 4058 15 Nagarjun Galli, Sahayog Marg Anamnagar-32Earthquake Affecter
Dan Church Aid DenmarkDenmarkC/O Danish Red Cross, P.O.Box: 4844, Jhamsikhel Chowk, Ganesthan, Lalitpur-2Community Development
Danish Red Cross Society, DenmarkDenmarkKalimati P.O.25795 Gyanudayamarg ghar no. 141Humanitarian
Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy, DenmarkDenmarkDemocracy Strengthening
Deutche Welthungerhilfe
e.v. Germany
GermanyP.O.Box: 20800, Kupondol High, PatanIntegrated Rural Development
Deutsche Management Akademie, Niedersachsen Gemeinnutzige GmbH, Germany,GermanySustainable Con………. Production Practice
Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community,(EEC), USAUSAAabukhairini-6, TanahuChild
Emergency Architechts Foundation, FranceFranceReconstruction
End of Child Prostitution in Asia, Africa and America Tourism (ECPAT)LuxembergP.O.Box: 8974, Kathmandu.Children
Educate the Children (ETC) USAUSAP.O.Box: 12782 Dilli Bazar, KathmanduChild Edu. and Women Dev.
Enfants ET (and) Development FranceFranceG.P.O. Box. 8975, EPC 493 Dhalko, Chhetrapati, KathmanduChildren
Equal Access Inc. USAUSAP.O.Box: 118, Jhamsikhel, LalitpurDev. Communi. and Info.Te
Eye Care Foundation, NetherlandsNetherlandP.O.Box 2389 Tripureshwor KtmHealth
Fairmed Foundation, NepalSwitzerlandP.O.Box: 10047 Jwagal-10, LalitpurHealth Sector
Family Health International USAUSAP.O.Box: 8803, Kathmandu, NepalHealth
FIDA International FinlandFinlandP.O.Box: 8975, EPC 2278,
Royal Thai Embassy Road Maharajgunj, Bansbari,
Community Development, HIV/AIDS, Youth, Children, Agriculture, Voc.
Training Edu, Disabilities
FINNA Church and Foundation Trust-Nepal, UKUKP.O.Box: 3330Community Development
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Misson (FELM) FinlandFinlandP.O.Box: 8975 EPC 2250Development cooperation
Forum of Federation CanadaCanada
Foundation Niquille, Hospital Lukla-Nepal SwitzerlandSwitzerlandP.O.Box. 2436 Dhumbarahi, KTMHealth
Fondazione L’alberto Della Vita,ItalySanepa, LalitpurChild and Community
Fondazion Un Raggio Di Luce Onlus (FRL), NepalItalyP.O.Box: 26582 Lalitpur-4
Foundation for International Development Relief (FIDR)Japan193/13 Alkabasti Marg, Lainchour, Ktm. P.O.Box: 8975Co. Dev.
Foundation Nepal, Ireland Old Name: TheP.O.Box 13141 , Sundhara,
Nepalese Childrens FoundationIrelandKTM
Free the Slaves, IncUSAAnti Slavery and Human Rights
Freedom MattersUKShridarwar Tole Pulchok-3 P.O.Box:26582Child protection and anti- trafficking, disaster risk reduction
Freundeskreis Nepalhilfe e. V., GermanyGermanyBungmati 7 KA, Lalitpur P.O.Box 9629 KTMChildren
Fuller Center for Housing INC.USAUSAP.O.Box: 1365, Om Shanti Marg 124, Koteshwor, Kathmandu-35Community Development
German Nepalese Help Association, GermanyGermanyP.O. Box 3705, Jit Jang Marg 131, KTMSocial Relief, Public health, Education and Environment & Infrastructure
Global Fairness Initiative,USAGairidhara-3, Ktm.Brick Sector
Global Family Village INC. USAUSAP.O.Box: 6743, Lalitpur 4, BungmatiChild
GOALIrelandP.O.Box: 74Shelter and Livelihoods
Good Neighbors South KoreaSouth KoreaP.O.Box: 8975, EPC 1605,
Jhamsikhel-3, Lalitpur,
Edu. and Com. Dev. ( Agricul)
Group for Transcultural Relationship (GRT) ItalyItalyP.O.Box: 23425, Gairidhara, Kathmandu, NepalChild Welfare
GLM Institute, Japan.JapanAgriculture, Forestry
Habitat for Humanity International USAUSAP.O.Box: 24037, 973/5
Dhumbarahi Marg, Ward No.4, 4th floor, Sagarmatha Complex, Ktm,
Community Development
Handicap International Federation, France Handicap InternationalFranceNarayangopal Chowk,PO Box: 10179 KTM.Disabilities
HANDS InternationalUKP.O.Box: 2138, House No: 254/20 Okharboth Marga, New Baneshwor.Education, Health, Livelihoods and Infrastructure
Happy House Foundation SwitzerlandSwitzerlandP.O Box: 8575 KTM NepalChild
Health Right International, USAUSAP.O.Box:24763, Oasis 49
Dhara, 4th Floor, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur
Heifer Project International USAUSAP.O.Box: 6043, Hattiban, Lalitpur-15,Community Development
Helen Keller International USAUSAP.O.Box: 5752 Green Block, Ward.No. 10, Chakupath, LalitpurHealth & Nutrition
Help Age International,UKUKP.O. Box :21299, Kupandole INAR LalitapurAgeing & Deve.
HELP- Hilfe zur Selbsthife.ev, GermanyGermantC/O: RSDC, 521/25
Ichohhunadi Marga, Baluwatar, Ktm P.O.Box: 9266
Wash and livelihood
Himalayan Cataract Project USAUSAP.O.Box: 561, KTM.Gaushala Bagmati BirdgeHealth
Hilary Himalayan Trust,
(Himalayan Trust)
New ZealandP.O.Box: 224 Dillibazar, KTMHealth, Education
(Stichting Interkerklike Organizatie Voor Ontwikklingsamen werk) Netherland
NetherlandP.O.Box: 25757, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur-2Humanitarian
IM Swedish Development Partner (IM-SDP) , Sweden
Old Name: The
SwedenP.O.Box: 4418, Sanepa,Economic empowerment,E
Swedish Organization for   Individual Relief (SOIR-IM)Lalitpur-3education Sector
INCLUDED Hong Kong Limited, China,
Old Name: Compassions for Migrant Children, China
China4th Floor at Ward No.10, Kupondole-Inar, Lalitpur.Children
Intercultaral Womens Educational Network (IWEN) CanadaCanada
International Alert, UK, P.O.Box: 241128,
Bakhundole, Lalitpur
UKP.O.Box: 24118 Bakhundole, LalitpurEconomic Growth and Justice
International Development Enterprise Inc (IDE), USAUSAP.O.Box: 2948, Kath.
Bakhundole, Lalitpur Nepal
International Foundation for Electoral System IncUSAP.O.Box: 14490 ACE
Aperatment No. 501 Naxal, Kathmandu
International Medical Corps, USAUSA15 Nagarjun Galli Sahayog Marg, Amamnagar-32, KathmanduRefief Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Dev.
International Nepal Fellowship (INF Worldwide) AustraliaAustraliaP.O. Box 1230, JawalkhelHealth and Development
International Resource CommitteeUSAP.O.Box: 828,Development Poverty Reduction
Interplast Germany Foundation,. Section NepalGermanyP.O.Box: 13227 c/o Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital, Salambutar/ Sankhu, Ktm.Health
IPAS USAUSAP.O.Box: 11621, Kupondol,Health
Japan International Labour FoundationJapanHouse.No. 16 Shanit Marg, Simolchour-8, Pokhara
Jhpiego Cooperation, USAUSAOasis 49 Dhara, Patan, P.O.Box: 8975, EPC: 479Family Health Sector
John Hopkins University, USAUSAP.O.Box: 302, Suite 335, Oasis Dhara, Patan DhokaHumanitarian and Development
Johnniter International Assistance, Germany, corinne.bali@thejohanniter. org.GermanyLazimpath, Ktm. House No: APT 5D Home Comfort TowerHealth Disability, Disaster Risk Reduction
Joy Together KoreaSouth KoreaP.O.Box: 19730, Kathmandu and KaskiSocial and Com, Dev,
JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc,USAP.O.Box: 1600Maternal and Child Health Sector
Karuna Foundation, NetherlandNetherlandPragatinagar-3, NawalparasiHealth Insurance Initiation
Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust USAUSAG.P.O. 13349 Patan Darbar SquareCom.Dev.
Name: Child
Welfare Scheme
Pokhara,Shitgana Chowk Lakeside-Baidam 6, Pokhara.
P.O.Box: 21829 Panitanki, Mahankal, Ktm.
Korean Oversease Volunteers AssociationSouth KoreaMadhyapur, Thimi, BhaktapurHealth
KTK – BELT, INC (koshi-
Tappu Kanchanjanga Biodiversity Education, Livelihoods Terra- Studio,
USAP.O.Box: 6010Community based biodiversity Conservation
Kurve Wustrow,GermanyP.O.Box: 29462 Sanepa, Lalitpur
Latter-Day Saint Charities USAUSAG.P.O.Box:8975, EPC No.
4275, 178 Gyanjyoti, Ganeshbasti, Maharajgunj,
Community Development
Love Green Japan BhatbhateniJapanP.O.Box: 1523 Kathmandu, NepalEnvironment, Agri & Educa.
Lutheran World Federation SwitzerlandSwitzerlandP.O.Box:3330 Chundevimarg- 4, House no: 217, Maharajgunj,Community Development
Luttheran World Relief, Nepal, USAUSAP.O.Box: 3330, Opposite Lions Dental, Lalitpur-10, Inar- Kupondole.Agriculture, Climate change adoption and disaster risk reduction and emergencies
Malteser International (MI)GermanyIchchhundai Marg, Baluwatar, House No: 521/25Health wash and DRR
Marie Stopes Inrenational Nepal (MSIN) ,UKUKP.O.Box:11254, Baluwatar, KathmanduHealth
Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers USAUSAP.O.Box.2276, Nagpokhari Colony, KathmanduHealth Education
& Community Development
MedairSwitzerlandMahalaxmisthan, Lalitpur-14Humanitarian relief and recovery
Medecins du Monde (MDM), FranceFranceP.O.Box: 3539, KTM.Satamarg Sanepa LalitpurHealth
Magic Bus India Foundation,IndiaPragati Marga, Hanumansthan Chauk, Anamnagar Ktm-32Empowerment of Children and Youth
Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin) UKUKP.O.Box: 8975 / EPC: 1641,
Kupandol Lalitpur
Medical Teams International (MTI) USAUSA11/126 Kupondole Height, LalitpurHealth
Medicins Sans Frontiers,NetherlandP.O. Box: 20354Health
Medicos Del Mundo, SpainSpainHealth
Mennonite Centeral Committee Nepal (MCC) CanadaCanadaP.O.Box: 8975 EPC 1626,
Ekantakuna, Kathmandu
HIV/Aids Education
Mercy Crops, UKUKP.O.Box: 24374 Sanepa, LalitpurCommunity Development
Mission Aviation Fellowship Foundation (MAF), USAUSAJawallakhel-5, LalitpurCommunity WASH, Shelter health, food security
Mission East DenmarkDenmarkP.O.Box: 20840 EPC: 2328,
Jawalakhel, Kusunti, Lalitpur
Community Development
Mitrataa Foundation, AustraliaAustraliaWomen
Mountain Child, Inc, USAUSAP.O.Box: 8975, EPC: 2300
Ktm. Ph: 9818644460
Various Sector
My Right-Empower People with Disabilities, Sweden.
Wold Name: Swedish
Organizations’ of Disabled Persons International Development Cooperation Association (SHIA), SwedenSweden153/36 Kholangal Marga,
Kathmandu-2, Lazimpat P.O.Box: 14481
Namaste Nepal (DCWC- CZ),os Czech Republic Kaldhara, Kathmandu
Ph: 4432758 / 9849896250
Czech RepublicKaldhara, KathmanduEducational and Reconsturction
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), USAUSAG.P.O.Box: 8975, EPC: 4129,
Bhat Bhateni, Kumari Galli, Patan.
Poltical Development
Nepal Hilfe Beelngries, e.VGermanyP.O.Box: 901, Kakanchok, Binayak Marga, Chauni, Kathmandu-13
Nepal Leprosy Trust UKUKP.O.Box: 96 Tutepani-14, Khumaltar, LalitpurHealth
Nepal Orphan HomeUSAPh: 9803792412Child Welfare
Nepalimed EuropeAustriaP.O.Box: 11008 Dhulikhel, Kavre HospitalHealth
Nepalese Youth Foundation USA
Nepal Youth Opportunity    Foundation
USAP.O.Box.10012 KTMHealth
Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) NetherlandsNetherlandP.O.Box: 25270, New
Baneshwor, Suruchi Marg, Ktm
Health, Disabilities and Development
Next Generation Nepal, USAUSAG.P.O Box. 8975 EPC 4023, Golphutar, KathmanduChild
Nick Simons Foundation InternationalUSASanepa, Lalitpur, P.O.Box: 8975Health
Norlha Helping People in the Himalayas, SwitzerlandSwitzerlandGPO.Box: 4947 Baluwatar, KtmAgr. Dev
One Heart World – Wide USA.USAHouse No. 496 Dhara Marg, Maharjgunj, P.O.Box: 3764Materanal and Neonatal Health
Organization of Human Welfare (OHW),UKOrganization of Human Welfare (OHW), UKLivelihood, Gender Empowerment and Capacity Develoopment
Our Sansar, UK.UK13 Parsa, Parwanipur, Birgunj,Child, Education
Oxfam GB, UKUKJawalakhel Lalitpur P.O.Box No. 2500 KTMPoverty Reduction and Humanitarian (Disaster)
Peace Bridges InternationalUSAPeace Building and Democracy Support
Peace Winds, Japan Lalitpur,
Lalitpur,Shelter, Livelihood Gender
Pennsylvania United Medical Association (PUMA) USAUSAPo.Box: 8975, EPC. 1913,
Dholahiti, Khumaltar, Satdobato, Lalitpur
Health and Humanitarian (Children)
People in NeedCzech RepublicKupondole , Organic Home, LalitpurHumanitarian relief
Plan International Inc. UKUKP.O.Box: 8980, Ward no: 3, Shree Durbar, Pulchowk, LalitpurChild / Wom, Com. Dev. and Social Justice
Planete Enfants Nepal, FranceFranceJwagal-10, Lalitpur 1Trafficking
PlaNet Finance, FranceFranceKapan Marg, Maharajgunj, KathmanduPoverty Alleviation
Political Parties of Democracy (DEMO) FinlandFinlandP.O Box 8975, Epc 2913 KTMPeace Building and Democracy Support
Population Services International,(PSI), NepalUSAP.O.Box: 21976, Dhobighat, Lalitpur, NepalHealth
Practical Action, UKUKP.O.Box. 15135, Narayan Gopal Sadak, Maharajgung Kathmandu,Community Development
Practical Help Achieving Self Empowerment UKUKP.O.Box 12888 KTMHealth Edu. & Livelihood
Private Agencies Collaborating Together (PACT), USAUSAP.O.Box: 24200, Jhamsikhel, LalitpurCommunity Development
Protection International, BelgiumBelgiumP.O.Box 8974CPC 195 KTM,Human Rights
Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) USA .USABaluwatar, Khakta Marga-4, House No: 71/31 P.O.Box: 10987Health
Red R India.IndiaRani Devi Marga , LazimpathHumanitarian Capacity Building
Red Panda Network, USAUSAP.O.Box 2785 C/O IDE Nepal KTM, Nepalwildlife Conservation
Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific (RECOFTC) ThailanThailandManaharamarg-35, Koteshwor, Ktm P.O.Box: 8973Forestary
Releigh International, UKUKKhumaltar, Lalitpur G.P.O. 8976, EPC: 2228Various Sector
Renewable World, (The Kuru Foundation)UKP.O.Box: 2674, Bukhundol, LalitpurEnergy
Rest Less Development (Student Partnership Worldwide(Old name)UKP.O.Box: 4892, Jwagal, LalitpurYouth
Re Surge International, USAUSAKritpur Hospital, Devdhoka,Health
Room to Read, USAUSAC/O NF, GPO.Box: 1230 KtmEducation
Rose Club, South KoreaSouth KoreaG.P.O.Box: 10034 Kathmandu, NepalEdu, Health, Skills Dev. and ICT sector
Rural Education And Development (READ) Nepal, USAUSAP.O.Box. 11995, Baluwatar, KathmanduEducation
Samdong International,KoreaDharmasthali, Kathmandu P.O.Box: 19370Agriculture, Health and Education
Safer World UKUKP.O. Box: 2674 , Jhamsikhel-3, LalitpurPeace and Security
Samaritan’s PurseUSAShelter School and Clinic Reconstruction, Wash Food security libilihoofd Dev. & Child Protection
Samriddha Pahad,UKP.O.Box: 8759, Chakupath-1- Lalitpur,Com. Dev.
Save The Children InternationalUKG.P.O.Box: 3394, Shree Krishna Bhawan, Airport Gate, Shambhu Marga,Child Development
Search for Common Ground, BelguimBelguimP.O.Box 24905 Narsari Galli, Lajimpat KTMPeace Building
Seeds of Change Foundation USAUSAP.O.Box: 24029, Pakanajol,
Community Development
Serving Friends International, South Korea. 1655-24-2F Bongchun- dong Kwanak-gu, Seoul Korea, Ph: 82-70-4354-
South Korea1655-24-2F Bongchun-dong Kwanak-gu, Seoul Korea,HIV / Aids, Com. Dev and Relief Aid
Seva Foundation , Seva Service Society Canada, USAUSAP.O.Box.780, Nepal Eye Hospital, TripuresworHealth
Shangrila Home VZW , BelguimBelgiumP.O Box: 7818, Arubari, KathmanduChildren
Shanti Leprahilfe Dortmund
e.V Germany
GermanyP.O.Box : 4190, Gaulala, KTMHealth
Shanti Med Nepal SwitzerlandSwitzerlandLalitpur-13Health
Shapla Neer = Citizens Committee in Japan for Oversease Support, JapanJapanKupandole, Lalitpur P.O. Box 23884 KtmCommunity (Disaster )
Sol Himal, FranceFranceP.O.Box 6808, Jamal, KTMWomen and Community Development
Solidarities international (SI)FranceSanepa, DhobighatWater Sanitation and Hygiene
Society for Mutual Aid, Networking,Environment & Developmen (SOMNEED), JapanJapanP.O.Box: 10345, Kathmandu.Community Dev.
South Asia Foundation, India.IndiaFirst Floor, 139, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi 110049Community Deve. And Other Sector
Splash InternationalUSAThasikhel-14 Lalitpur, House No: 1369, Pratik Niwas, Toll No: 31 Ph: 97716914562Access to Clean drinking water
Street Child, UKUKMaitri Marga, Bakhundol-3, LalitpurEducation and Child Protection
Stichting Brac International, Netherland.Community Development
Stichting Veldwerk, The NetherlandsNetherlandGPO: 9874, CPC:452 Aasahi
Homes Complex, 5th floor, Jyatha, Kathmandu
Stromme Foundation, NorwayNorwayP.O.Box: 8975 , EPC: 1995
Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
Community development
Summer Institute of Linguistics Inc., (SIL International)USASanepa Chowk, Lalitpur, GPO. Box: 8975 EPC 1588Education/Langu age Development
Sunrise Chidren’s Association Incorporate (SCAI), AustraliaAustraliaP.O.Box 7663, Bhat Bhateni Marg, Kathmandu.Children & Community
Sustainable Environment and Ecological SocietyIndiaP.O.Box: 13775Disaster Response and Recovery
Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation (Swisscontact)SwitzerlandBakhundol, Lalitpur-3Private Sector
Tavelb’ Tzedek, (The Earth- In Justice) IsrealIsrealSwayambhu, Kathmandu,
P.O. Box: 20927
Agriculture, Health and Education
Tear Fund, UKUKC/O NF, GPO.Box: 1230 KtmCommunity Development
Terre Des Homes Foundation,SwitzerlandHarihar Bhawan, Lalitpur P.O.Box 2430 KTMChildren
Terre Des HommesGermanyPulchok, Lalitpur. P.O.Box: 24289Child
Terre Des HommesNetherlandStreet/Ward: Ksk Building Block:C, Hariharbhawan, LalitpurPromotion and Protection of Right of Children and Family
The Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA)USAP.O.Box: 4481, KathmanduCommunity Development
The Australia Association of the Forget me not Childrends’ Home, Inc.,AustraliaAustraliaP.O.Box: 20920, Mahankal VDC-5, Golfutar, KathmanduChild
The BBC World Service Trust, UKUKSanta Bhawan, Sanepa, Lalitpur P.O.Box: 8975 KTMHealth
The Blueberry Hill CharitableTrust UKUKGreen Block, Chakupath-10, Lalitpur P.O. Box 8759 KTMCommunity Development
The DZI FountationUSAP.O.Box: 8975, Ekantakuna, LalitpurCom. Dev.
The Esther Benjamins Trust (EBT) NepalUKP.O.Box:23057 Taukhel-1, Godawari, LalitpurChildren
The Fred Hollows Foundation, AustraliaAustraliaP.O.Box: 23800, C/O Tilganga Institute of Opthalmology, Gaushala Bagmati BirdgeHealth
The Institute of Cultural Affairs Japan (ICA)JapanP.O.Box: 20771Post earthquake Community Development
The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) USAUSAP.O.Box: 8975, EPC:2125 Ktm
Sanepa, Lalitpur,
Justice Initiative
The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), SwitzerlandSwitzerlandP.O.Box: 5502 Nepal Bar Association Building, Ramsaha Path, KtmLaw, Human Rights, and Accountability of the Judiciary
The International Legal Foundation, USAUSAP.O.Box: 26461, Uma
Bhawan, Surya Marg 9, Babar Maha Kathmandu
The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid (Isra AID)IsraelLazimpathReconstruction and Rehabilitation
The Leprosy Mission International (TLMI)UKP.O.Box: 151,Tika Bhairab, Lele VDC, LalitpurHealth and Development
The Lo/FTF Council, DenmarkDenmarkP.O.Box: 9995, Kathmandulabour
The Micronutrient Initiative (MI)CanadaP.O.Box 23874, Uttar Dhoka Marga, 424/2, 2nd Floor, LazimpathHealth
The Mountain Institute (TMI), Washington DC, USAUSAP.O.Box: 2785, KtmCommunity Development
The Nepal Trust, UKUKP.O Box 8975, EPC 4131 KTMHealth Education, Tourisim & Various Sector
The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP), 3902, Rara MithilaMarga-4 Sukedhara,
P.O.B 3902, Kathmandu
The Norwegian Association for the Person with Development Activities (NFU),NorwayP.O.Box 21951 KtmDisabled
The Public International Law and Policy Group, (PILPG) USAUSABhatbhateni, Kumari Galli Ward no. 5, KtmLegal
The Umbrella Foundation, IrelandIrelandSwoyambhu 15, Kimdol Marga, House No. 810 P.O.Box 24796Child
Triangle Generation Humanitare, FranceFranceP.O.Box: 512Wash, Livelihood, DRR, Food Security Psychosocial
Trinity Relief Foundation e.v.GermanyP.O.Box 1724, Khursanitar, Lazimpath, Home No. 239/64, Ktm
UM Hong Gil Human Foundation, South KoreaSouth KoreaBansbari -3, KathmanduHealth & Education
United Mission To Nepal, (UMN)UKP.O.Box: 126, KathmanduHealth, Education, sustainable livelihood and Com.Dev
Uniterian Service Cooperation of Canada (USC Canada)CanadaP.O.Box: 322, Bastolathar – 9,
Pokhara, Kaski
United World Schools, UKUKChabahil, ktmEducation
VERAYATANIndiaP.O.Box: 3271, Jawagal-1-, Lalitpur,Rehabilitation of Earthquake affected people
VISTARE Foundation, SpainSpainP.O.Box: 8975, EPC No. 2385,
Dhumbarahi colony, Ktm.
Health and Education
Volontari Italiane Soladarieta Paesi Emergent, (VISPE) ItalyItalyPokhara 8 Naya BazarChildren
Wavelb, Tzedek (The Earth-In Justice)IsrealSwambhu, KathmanduAgriculture, Health and Education
Water Aid Nepal, UKUKP.O.Box: 20214, JM Road 10,
Pabitra Tole, Nakhipot-14, Lalitpur
Community Development
We World Onlus, Italy.
Old Name: Intervita Onlus
ItalyP.O.Box: 5537health & Education
Winrock International, USAUSAP.O.Box.1312 KTM, 1103/68
Devkota Marg Baneshwor Kathmandu
Enterprise and Agriculture
Women Organising for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (WOCAN) USAUSALalitpur, Thikhidewal G. P.O.Box: 8975, EPC: 2506,
Women Agriculture, Natural Resource.
World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), Saudi ArabiaSouth ArabiaP.O.Box: 5730 KathmanduEducation and Social Relief & Development
World Education Int. , USAUSAPO. Box: 937 KTM. Rtopul NepalEducation
World Mobilization, R8ua Santo Antonia 230 Setor Santo onofre Trindade- Goias, Brazil.BrazilP.O. Box: 8975, EPC: 4174, House No. 59, Khadka Bhadrakali, KathmanduChildren
World Neighbours, USAUSAP.O. Box: 916, House No. 62, Baluwater, Kathmandu-3Community Development
World Jewish Relief (WJR)USADhapasi 10, Ktm.Livelihood
World Renew CanadaCanadaSibhu Ward No:4 Bhaishipati, Lalitpur P.O.Box: 8795WASH, Food Security and Shelte
World Vision International, USAUSAP.O.Box: 21969, Jhamsikhel-3, LalitpurCommunity Development
World Widelife Fund Inc. (WWF) USAUSAP.O.Box: 7660 Baluwatar Ktm.Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable development.
Zoological Society of London, UKUKP.O.Box: 5876Biodiversity & Env.
Research & Conservation


The Role of INGOs in Nepal: Nepal’s journey towards development has been supported by several INGOs that have been actively working in the country. Their role can be summarized in the following ways:

  1. Humanitarian Relief and Disaster Response: Nepal is prone to natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, and landslides. INGOs have played a crucial role in providing immediate humanitarian relief during emergencies. Their rapid response teams, expertise in disaster management, and access to resources have helped save lives and provide essential aid to affected communities.
  2. Healthcare and Education: Many INGOs in Nepal focus on improving healthcare services and educational opportunities in rural and underserved areas. They establish health centers, schools, and training programs to empower communities and enhance their overall well-being.
  3. Water and Sanitation: Access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities is a basic human right. INGOs work towards improving water and sanitation infrastructure, promoting hygiene practices, and reducing waterborne diseases in vulnerable communities.
  4. Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality: INGOs in Nepal actively support women’s empowerment initiatives, advocating for gender equality, providing skills training, and creating safe spaces for women to thrive.
  5. Livelihood and Economic Development: Poverty alleviation and economic empowerment are key areas of focus for many INGOs. They support income-generating projects, vocational training, and entrepreneurship programs to uplift disadvantaged communities.
  6. Environmental Conservation: Nepal’s diverse ecosystem is a valuable asset that requires protection. INGOs collaborate with local communities and authorities to promote sustainable practices, conserve natural resources, and address climate change challenges.

Challenges and Opportunities: While INGOs play a crucial role in Nepal’s development, they also face certain challenges:

  1. Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding and respecting the local culture and customs is essential for successful project implementation. INGOs must work in close collaboration with local stakeholders to ensure their initiatives are culturally appropriate and sustainable.
  2. Coordination and Collaboration: To maximize their impact, INGOs need to coordinate and collaborate with each other, as well as with government agencies and local organizations. This helps prevent duplication of efforts and fosters a unified approach towards development goals.
  3. Funding and Sustainability: INGOs often rely on donor funding, which may be uncertain or limited. It is essential for these organizations to diversify their funding sources and work towards building sustainable projects that can continue to benefit communities in the long term.

Conclusion: The presence of working INGOs in Nepal has been instrumental in driving positive change and empowering communities. Their commitment to addressing various challenges, from disaster response to healthcare and education, showcases their dedication to Nepal’s development journey. By fostering collaboration, cultural sensitivity, and sustainable practices, INGOs can continue to play a pivotal role in creating a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of Nepal. As the nation moves forward, the collective efforts of government, local organizations, and INGOs will be the key to achieving sustainable development and improving the lives of all Nepalese citizens.